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The Enneagram: A Transformation Coaching Tool

Your Enneagram - Assess Yourself

The ENNEAGRAM provides you with a simple, yet powerful self-assessment tool for use in Life Coaching, Self-development and Spiritual Growth. The 9-point profile is given different, but related, names by a wide variety of teachers and authors in this field.

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"Know Thyself" - Socrates

You can take the FREE Enneagram profile (more details below) to get a deeper understanding of yourself, your strengths and growth areas. The Enneagram is an ancient developmental tool, initially used for spiritual growth and understanding. Now it is widely used in business, personal and career development, team building and many more applications.

I have used it as a key tool for:
  • understanding myself and my relationships;
  • how to address blocks to my development; and
  • how to unravel key life-challenges - turning them into meaningful goals and impetus for change
(Note: The Enneagram also helps me to embracing paradoxes and unwelcome realities as part of my journey of change. Thereby finding a sense of inner peace to accept what I cannot change - but having the courage to change what I can.)

My Invitation to You!

Contact Me, via the link on the tab to the right, and request a FREE complimentary session, this enables you and I to map out a few coaching sessions based on your needs. I use the Enneagram as part of my Life Coaching and Career Coaching, but I also use many other related written resources on the Enneagram to give you a more detailed profile. The profile includes all the aspects already mentioned and more. 

If you have found the free assessment valuable and you are ready to benefit further from coaching, I would see it as a great privilege to coach you through THE NEXT STEPS. Please join me for further coaching by providing brief background and a specific goal you have in mind.

FREE Enneagram 101 Report: 16-page Guide

Easy Access To Two Of The Worlds Leaders In Using The Enneagram For Personal Growth And Change: Helen Palmer and David Daniels (from Enneagram Worldwide).


Your report gives you a quick-and-easy overview of the nine Enneagram types. You will be given easy step-by-step instructions. Contact Me for more information on the amazing insights and guidelines for your development from the Enneagram (even if you don't use this free service but prefer personal coaching). 

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The 9 Types - Different Names And More Info