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"You tend to think that you are alone in your struggle. Nobody seems to understand you. All you see is darkness. And then, one day, a kind person says to you: "There is always hope, no matter what." Mmm... Talk is cheap. Outsiders often tell you to pull yourself together, life is not that bad or difficult, but they don't have a clue what bipolar is like. What made these words different for me and why it touched me, was because it was said by a fellow-survivor - Peter (site owner) and I knew it was true... Remember, there is ALWAYS hope!" 

- SunFairy (from my Living with Bipolar & Depression site)

"The man who knows
Exactly which questions to ask
To bring to light
Pain and it's brothers;
Guilt, Shame and Regret.

"You kind Sir,
Have helped to set me free!
Your grace and unfailing kindness
Will not be forgotten.
Your wisdom & sound advice
Will not go to waste.

"May you enjoy the same relief,
Freedom & Hope
That You have helped take root in me." 
- An Anonymous Client ( completed a 3 week Addiction Treatment Programme early in 2013, for a crack and LSD substance abuse disorder)

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More testimonials - from my linkedin profile: click the image to view

"Peter has partnered me in relationship coaching. He has a meticulous wisdom that allows clients to feel safe when dealing with very challenging issues. I enjoy working with Peter. He is a great co-pilot in family processes, and he makes a point of preparing and debriefing for sessions."

Naomi Suzane

"Relationship Mother" at One 2 One Coaching

"Peter is a dedicated, compassionate and creative professional specialist. His work and professional contributions are recognised for its level of excellence."

Lourens van Schalkwyk (PhD)

Sasol: Talent Management and Leadership Effectiveness Specialist Consultant

"Peter is an excellent counsellor and coach, and shows great insight and empathy in the way he helps others to develop. He has shown good ability to take on large and complex projects as project manager. In his present capacity as Director and Project Manager for VAOS*, he is showing the ability to take leadership, to define a business vision, to manage the practical implementation of that vision, and motivate others towards the vision. 

Peter is also a highly creative person, and shows his innovative strengths in the way he tackles his business, in his business products, and many other ways. At the heart of Peter's success is his excellent ability to build relationships with others, and his care for others. I recommend him strongly to any clients who may wish to use his services."

Colin Blake 
Senior Psychometric & Assessment Specialist
(*Note: VAOS stands for "Virtual Assistant and Outsourcing Services")

"Peter is a caring person. He is a good counsellor and life couch. He helped my son a lot. I would recommend him."

Henk Smith

Attorney at Law