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How To Find Your Ideal Job Quickly. Prepare for Podcast Part 2

Posted by anonymous on September 30, 2010 at 6:01 PM

Thanks for joining me again. Please review podcast Part 1, before doing this task, if you are new here.

To prepare for my next podcast FIRST read through the complete process below and then SECONDLY, complete all the actions.

The quick process to finding your ideal job involves the following tasks:

  1. Create or update your resume or CV. Why? This will give you clarity to make the choices that follow below. More importantly, it enhances your morale and self-esteem as you take "inventory" of your strengths, skills and experience. Your morale and self-esteem are critical success factors in your job-search.
  2. Open the "Tools 4 Jobs & Careers" page on this site, BUT right-click and open it in another window so you can refer to this blog (or print this page first). Right-click here
  3. Overview the 7 STEPS to "Taking Charge of Your Career!"
  4. Go to Step 4 of the 7 STEPS (You will visit the CareerZone site and get a *Career Profile which links you to suggested Occupations). *This profile is based on the work of renowned John Holland.
  5. Click on the “ASSESS YOURSELF” button, and do the assessment. You make three choices based on 6 fields of interest and get your three-letter "Holland Code". (No relative of Da Vinci!)
  6. Click “View Occupations” in the centre of the diagram. The web tool (search engine) uses the three-letter code to show you a short-list of careers and occupations, plus alternatives from combinations of your code.
  7. Select the careers or occupations (also known as Job Types) that interest you and click on the links for more detailed information (from O*NET). Even video clips are available to explore your interests!

This is a process of synthesising information, crucial to your discovery process, so don’t try a quick fix! You need time. You deserve it!

Okay. Till we meet again via my next podcast. Please subscribe to this site and I will inform you of the next podcasts, blogs and other events. The other bonuses are joining a community network (members) and receiving FREE ebooks and other freebies from time-to-time.

With gratitude,

Peter Guess (aka GUESS-on-AIR!)

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