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7 Questions To Coach Yourself To Get Unstuck

Posted by Peter Guess on February 15, 2014 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (3)


The following questions emerged recently as I was feeling really stuck, frustrated and uncertain about my next steps in life and business. I do a range of things I love doing from general counselling, life coaching, addiction counselling, website design and online business. Plus I have a passion for creating new products in all these areas! To get a FREE download of this report and a full worksheet please "JOIN ME" on this site via the LIFE COACH HOME page. Just click here. I will send you access to my other FREE motivational gifts as well.

This feeling of “stuckness” is not new to me. However, this time it was accompanied by gradual l oss of clients, lucrative business possibilities disappearing into thin air – after much urgency from the clients, and eventually zero income and overwhelming anxiety about my empty bank account.

The self-coaching process that follows, seemed to come out of no where. As the first question surfaced, I decided to document it for myself. I had no agenda of sharing this as a “breakthrough with the world”. I was trying to desperately find a way forward. And so, the next question emerged as soon as I finished work on the previous one.

Then the next... and so on,  until you get a the sense of closure from the last question.

I then used the process with a client and the simplicity, yet depth, quickly dug into the root issues. The client then asked if I could document it for her to use with her Bipolar and Depression Support Group. The “odd” thing was, I had just finished putting the questions into two documents for my Therapy and Coaching website: the set of questions and the worksheet. I love it when there are signs of synchronicity, so maybe this has a little magic for you.

I think the real magic is not in a given set of questions or steps, but in asking and listening to evocative questions and learning to find the most suitable questions for a given situation. So listen for new questions that come up for you, document them and use them.


  • Thoughts 
  • Feelings
  • Progress from yesterday?
  • Link some facts or events as to why you feel this way 

How bad is this place I'm in? This is a robot system below that I use when a client calls me - including when in a crisis .

1) Green? Stay in gratitude. Keep going, all is OK. Help someone else today!

2) Orange? Some signs to pause, reflect, listen in to self and reassess direction and what to do today. This is when there is sense of unease since you awoke and thoughts remain unfocused and negative.

3) Red? Red is for Risk. Your mind and body may be saying change direction urgently... reach out for help... call your coach, mentor, manager, therapist or health practitioner. This is when depressive or anxious feelings and negative thoughts persist and by end of this process, you have little or no clarity as to how to move forward. Because then you may be psychologically stuck and make random and risky choices to alleviate the symptoms.



(e.g. may be a caring friend in your life, a quote you remind yourself of, a song you just heard)



(e.g. writing something in my diary to do, a journal note, taking massive action, calling a friend)

• Something that supports you and keeps you going and moves you through the day.

• Someone you need to review things with

• A book or quote to revisit



This is a very powerful question from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). It helps shift us from a stuck place or tunnel vision and it also addresses subconscious blockages in feeling and thinking states. This question activates the dreaming “inner child” that is full of wonder and unrestricted by conditions we place on ourselves. Here are some examples to try out and then write down as many as possible, as quickly as possible, for yourself:

• I wonder where this will take me?

• I wonder what I will see when I look back on today, in a few weeks or months from now?

• I wonder what I am learning already, but I’m not aware of yet?

• I wonder what I’m going to learn from this?

• I wonder how the solutions are going to emerge?

• I wonder what I am unable to see right now that is right under my nose?

• I wonder what would happen if...

• I wonder who may have an alternative perspective on this?

• I wonder what’s going to happen next?

• I wonder what invisible beliefs that hold me back, will surface soon?

• I wonder when God is going to show up and help out ?

• I wonder...


What is just one small thing I can do today and FOCUS on that will move me forward?

• List or brainstorm as many items as possible – and YES, write them down.

• Don’t do this in your head.

• Get it out so you see it – and best is to write not type it

• I use Post-It notes and stick them on paper or my desk or board.

Then decide on the one action and do it NOW.


Here are the two final questions which I suggest you begin as soon as you start taking any action. These questions close the feedback loop...


In this section just list the actions you took or list them as you go. I find that sometimes ONE small action has a ripple effect and the next action is there waiting for me.



This is the feedback or final “action-learning” step. I find that the ONE action begins to create momentum and breaks the mental or emotional inertia. And in no time I am putting the other ideas into action and feeling SO much better about myself and the results I am experiencing.


As I looked back over the simple process that helped me get unstuck, I realised I didn’t use the “Why am I stuck?” question. I never did this consciously, but I think that sometimes the “why” questions keep us stuck in analysis and the past.


Please try out this process on yourself first. Then, if you are a Counsellor, Therapist, Support Group Leader or Life Coach, in any field, I suggest you try it with a client or a group.


Please send me any comments on the Contact Me form and let me know how this helped you or a client.


To Life and Abundance,

Peter Guess :: B.Soc.Sc. (Social Work)

Manifesto of a Breakaway Victim - Part 2

Posted by Peter Guess on March 4, 2013 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (0)

A few more thoughts on breaking away from victim or addictive thinking.

I'm not a victim...

I don't have many answers to life's complex questions, but I do have faith...

I don't always feel I have the courage to deal with all my challenges, but I do have hope...

I don't have much wealth, but I have love...

And I do know who my Source is...

And Who holds my future!

"Faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love."

Manifesto of a Breakaway Victim

Posted by Peter Guess on February 22, 2013 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (2)


From time-to time we all may feel like victims in a situation. This writing emerges from my own current victim-thinking and my choice to confront it.


I'm not a victim because I have made choices that brought me here.


A victim feels trapped with no way out, but I choose a new attitude of faith that trusts there is a path around the bend.


I'm not a victim because God has plans for me, of good and not destruction - of hope and a future (Jer. 29.11).


I may feel lost, but I'm a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, I have a right to be here - to fulfil my destiny (Desiderata).


I'm not a victim because there is always a bigger picture, a Greater Scheme God has for me – even in the seemingly, insignificant events in my life – or maybe just one friend who believes in me.


If I'm in a prison, standing by the graveside, hurting from the loss of connections to loved ones, I'm still alive and my life can carry on and still, in hope, find and give love.


I'm not a victim and so I take small steps forward and honour myself for every little victory.


I'm a believer. I believe there is something I cannot yet see and understand in this dark place. And I believe light conquerors darkness.


I'm not a victim. Yes, I'm asking "why" far too much - but I know there is meaning in the deepest of suffering and pain and confusion.


I ‘m a seeker. I will seek the meaning and truth in the situation I'm in; from the choices and events that brought me here; and from the possible future opportunities.


I'm not a victim. I take responsibility for the choices I made but not for the choices and actions of others. Where other choices have caused me pain and suffering, I will learn to forgive.


Because things don't make sense to me, doesn't mean there is no Wisdom holding these things together. I’m not a victim of the world I see (Course in Miracles). I seldom see things as they are. My assumptions and beliefs cloud my view.


And finally... When I'm a victim I argue against reality which causes more suffering, so I choose to learn to face and accept reality, asking for courage to change what I can.

Arguing With Reality

Posted by Peter Guess on October 7, 2012 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

"When I argue with reality, I argue with God" - Byron Katie


Now that sounds hectic. Who me? I argue with God? Sure.

All the time. Why not this? Why not that? Why me? What about others? The weather. The planet. The politicians... And on and on.


Check out Byron Katie's YouTube video on this topic.

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A Brief Background

Byron Katie is the creator of a simple, powerful, and practical method of self-inquiry and transformation known as The Work, which she has introduced to hundreds of thousands of people at lectures and workshops in more than 30 countries.


After more than a decade of struggling with severe depression, Katie experienced a profound and life-changing realization. She saw that when she believed that something should be different than it is (My husband should love me more, My children should appreciate me,) she suffered, and that when she didn't believe these thoughts, she felt peace. She realized that what had been causing her depression was not the world around her, but the beliefs she had about the world around her.


In a sudden flash of insight, Katie awoke from her suffering and saw that her previous attempts to find happiness had been backward. Now, she could meet reality directly, and experience unimaginable freedom and joy with a simple process she named The Work.

Quick Update: The Global Footprint of this Website

Posted by anonymous on February 17, 2011 at 3:28 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi again,

It's been some time since last blog. Busy... busy! Here are some stats to see our global reach. But first a big thanks to all my fans and visitors who have helped expand the global reach of this site with all it's free resources, links and information! Please continue to share this and if you have not yet joined as a free member, see this as my open invitation to you. Also please join my Facebook Fanpage (to the right - simply click the "Like" button) and other share options to your other social networking sites. I will greatly appreciate this.

Total visits since I started using ClustrMaps to track usage: 5,532

Where do visitors come from?

Countries indicated by red dots: From 1 Nov 2009 to 17 Feb 2011


South Africa (ZA) - Highest

United States (US) - Second Highest

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United Kingdom (GB) - Fourth Highest

Germany (DE) - Fifth Highest

Europe (EU)

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With love and warmth,

Peter Winston Guess

B.Soc.Sc. (SW)

How To Find Your Ideal Job Quickly. Prepare for Podcast Part 2

Posted by anonymous on September 30, 2010 at 6:01 PM Comments comments (0)

Thanks for joining me again. Please review podcast Part 1, before doing this task, if you are new here.

To prepare for my next podcast FIRST read through the complete process below and then SECONDLY, complete all the actions.

The quick process to finding your ideal job involves the following tasks:

  1. Create or update your resume or CV. Why? This will give you clarity to make the choices that follow below. More importantly, it enhances your morale and self-esteem as you take "inventory" of your strengths, skills and experience. Your morale and self-esteem are critical success factors in your job-search.
  2. Open the "Tools 4 Jobs & Careers" page on this site, BUT right-click and open it in another window so you can refer to this blog (or print this page first). Right-click here
  3. Overview the 7 STEPS to "Taking Charge of Your Career!"
  4. Go to Step 4 of the 7 STEPS (You will visit the CareerZone site and get a *Career Profile which links you to suggested Occupations). *This profile is based on the work of renowned John Holland.
  5. Click on the “ASSESS YOURSELF” button, and do the assessment. You make three choices based on 6 fields of interest and get your three-letter "Holland Code". (No relative of Da Vinci!)
  6. Click “View Occupations” in the centre of the diagram. The web tool (search engine) uses the three-letter code to show you a short-list of careers and occupations, plus alternatives from combinations of your code.
  7. Select the careers or occupations (also known as Job Types) that interest you and click on the links for more detailed information (from O*NET). Even video clips are available to explore your interests!

This is a process of synthesising information, crucial to your discovery process, so don’t try a quick fix! You need time. You deserve it!

Okay. Till we meet again via my next podcast. Please subscribe to this site and I will inform you of the next podcasts, blogs and other events. The other bonuses are joining a community network (members) and receiving FREE ebooks and other freebies from time-to-time.

With gratitude,

Peter Guess (aka GUESS-on-AIR!)

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How To Find Your Ideal Job Quickly Part 1. Podcast by GUESS-on-AIR!

Posted by anonymous on September 26, 2010 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Listen to my first podcast on job-hunting from GUESS-on-Air! Enjoy and please share and email to those facing career or job hunting. Go to the page on this site: Tools 4 Jobs and Careers

Click this link:


The Relationship Crises Catcher Quiz

Posted by anonymous on September 5, 2010 at 3:22 PM Comments comments (0)

Have you checked out your relationship yet using the Crises Catcher Quiz for Relationships? It's our new quiz on Facebook. You may be in for a surprise! Your results are private and confidential unless you choose to post it to your friends through Facebook.

Click here to take the QUIZ

Is The Secret The Truth? The Full Truth? Nothing But The Truth?

Posted by anonymous on September 4, 2010 at 4:52 PM Comments comments (0)

I have been replaying the set of CD'son The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The DVD and book of the same title, has inspired much interest, excitement, hope and many personal stories of transformation. At the outset I want to say I have benefitted greatly from the DVD seen when released and the CD's I have purchased as a result of it's impact on my thinking and life.


The Secret has also created a backlash and controversy among many thinkers, writers and others. I share some of the concerns. The Secret seems to:

  • over-emphasise materialism and capitalism;
  • promote God-playing;
  • encourage a Press-Button-Give-Mementality;
  • deny the reality of suffering in the world (resulting from natural disasters or the timely/untimely death of a loved one etc.); and
  • reject the meaning and purpose in suffering, as part of our schooling and training in life.

In the words of a world famous writerand teacher about AD 61:

“I have learned how to get along happily whether I have much or little.

I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything.

I have learned the secret of living in every situation,

whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.”

- Paul (the Apostle, in a letter to thePhilippians)

Notice that Paul uses the exact "un-scripted" words “the secret” over 1900 years ago! A very different perspective on The Secret. The challenge is, can we connect these all together? If so, how?

Last night I received an email referring to a blog published in 2007 on the Law of Attraction, which is the basis of The Secret. It gives a very fresh perspective on The Secret, without throwing the baby out withthe bath water. To read it click here to go to the Links section ofmy web and read:

The‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Success’ – What Is ‘Success’Anyway?- October 10, 2007


I'd love to hear from you. I welcome ANY comments you may have on this stimulating topic. You can comment on this blog, send me a mail, SkypeMe, call me or contribute to our Forums discussion (refer to the menu).

In anticipation,

Peter Guess

Email: [email protected]

SkypeMe: icafecall

Mobile: +27 72 092 3315

If Life Is Unfair, What Is?

Posted by anonymous on July 21, 2010 at 1:07 PM Comments comments (0)

In a recent science-fiction movie I saw, a female combat soldier returned to base with her partners to find the aliens had killed her child and everyone else there, in revenge. Her partner came over to console her and said these striking and seemingly confrontational words: “Use it!".

How insensitive, I initially thought. However, these words have stayed with me and often come into my consciousness when I think about my life and some of the unjust events of my life.

Another friend told me recently. “Life is never unfair”. He sees things from a Zen perspective. Well, I'm not totally sure of that. But what I do know is that most great people have used their adversity as opportunities for change, growth and often amazing feats of success in personal growth, relationships, business or the global arena. Sometimes it has been a book they wrote, a cause they began or an insight that transformed their lives.

“Use it!”, whether it is something in your past, a life-threatening condition like cancer or bipolar, a loss or a current tragedy. We all have choices. The challenge in this simple statement is to find ways to “use it” and so refuse to be a victim of the past or present. I'm not saying we can all become a Mandela and do what he did and is doing still, but we can and must find ways to harness our adversities and turn them around. What will you decide to do? Maybe you can share your thoughts in the discussion Forums.

Adversity can be God's door of opportunity.

7 Key Actions To Stay Positive

Posted by anonymous on June 23, 2010 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Catherine Pratt has written an excellent article on practical actions to take on "How to Stay Positive When It Feels Like Your Life is Falling Apart". This may appear simplistic but the content is refreshing and challenging. Links are also provided to other articles she has written.

She covers the following 7 key actions to positive mental health:

  1. Be Grateful
  2. Look for the Silver Linings
  3. Often the Greatest Doubts Occur Just Before a Breakthrough
  4. Look at the Big Picture and Focus
  5. Discouragement is Just a Trick
  6. Keep Reading Inspirational Articles and Maybe Join a Forum
  7. Take a Break Sometimes

Go to the article below, browse around other very useful information and tools and consider joining her mailing list on Life with Confidence.

Protect your heart and mind!

Stay well.

Peter Guess

Links: My Newest Application

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I have just added a new application to my site with links I recommend. Please send me any links you recommend. I also use this application for link-swopping so contact me with your website details via email: [email protected]

Click here to open the application

Face Reality: Change Your Thinking

Posted by anonymous on June 13, 2010 at 3:13 PM Comments comments (0)


Byron Katie has had an enormous impact on my understanding of the human dilema and how I need to change my thinking and accept reality, but not in a victim way. She shares her thinking, tools, a booklet ("Loving what is") and videos very freely on the following site:


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A Life Survival Kit: #7 Tools

Posted by anonymous on June 13, 2010 at 1:51 PM Comments comments (0)

I recently posted a blog that applies to general Mind-Body-Spirit wellness. This blog is adapted from another blog especially in honour of a friend who has been battling with her Bipolar Mood Disorder for months. I also have Bipolar. I was diagnosed in 1987 but fought against it until May 2000!

Her combination of medication just isn't working yet among other things. I jokingly told her about a few tools in my Survival Kit to help her in her “Burning Fairy Forest”. She asked for more so here are some tools that work for me and may help you.


Please note that although the original blog focused on surviving Bipolar it is very applicable to surviving life in general and other mental and physical illnesses, in particular. Please look for the similarities in relation to where you are at and don't focus on the differences, saying "but I don't have a bipolar or depressive condition". Here it is. If you like it, consider checking out my “Living with Bipolar” website and becoming a member. The link is at the bottom, just click on SOURCE...


Tool #1. Surrender

Surrender starts with accepting you don't have to live your life with, what Scott Peck calls, “rugged individualism”. This is a self-limiting mental attitude of I can do this thing called life on my own, I don't need others. Surrender leads you to open yourself to support, therapy or input from others – such as a Life Coach. Surrender means a path of humility and humility is strength!


If you have a chronic condition like cancer, diabetes, an addiction, mental illness or Bipolar, you need to view it as a highly treatable illness. This means you need to stop beating yourself up as if you caused it, can control it or cure it. You are not a bad or faulty human being, you have an illness. I reached my point of acceptance in 2000 after being confronted with the story of a client I was counselling and a book on Bipolar called “A Brilliant Madness” by Patty Duke. I certainly strongly denied I had a mental illness up until these two key events, due to stigma and shame.

Surrender means you get the best medical help. Don't settle for a coach, therapist or psychiatrist who doesn't treat you holistically. Bipolar and other chronic conditions affects every part of your life. Change what you can step-by-step. Accept what you can't.


From a spiritual angle, embrace your condition as a gift that can and will transform and enrich your life for the better in the long run. My life will never be the same because I accepted my own human condition and Bipolar as a gift that could teach me many life lessons.


Tool #2. Compliance

OK, so you see the coach, therapist or doctor and start on a programme of change or medication but if it doesn't work immediately or you experience some side effects from medication, you stop. Then blame the coach or doctor.

Bipolar, Depression and other chronic conditions, are unpredictable with regards to what medication works for you and what works for me. In the case of Bipolar, treatment is highly unique and can take weeks or even months to finalise. Stick to the plan or if you are to take medication, do what the doctor says, but give honest regular feedback. Get a second opinion if your gut says "this ain't working". There is NO quick fix to most of life's complex realities! We often give up just before the “miracle breakthrough”.


Often people end up going to a general practitioner with Bipolar or other chronic conditions. I strongly do not recommend this, unless they have training in psychology or have done additional psychiatric training. This is a specialist field needing psycho-pharmachology and nothing less.

As an example of my Bipolar treatment plan, something practical that helps me, is my pill dispenser. I keep it in a very visible place. I discipline myself to fill it up weekly to simplify my life. This helps me remember and see when I skip a dose. I still forget after over ten years of this. Why? For me it is actually not my “forgetory” but denial.

Tool #3. Vigilance

Many self-help, spiritual practices and psychological approaches teach skills in observation of your thoughts, beliefs and behaviour. This observation or “noticing” helps to see your mind in action and see where it saboutages you and your wellness. The skills aid you especially when you debrief critical moments when you make choices or react to life events. This helps you change from reacting to life to responding, from blaming to taking responsibility and from feeling a victim to accepting your role as a co-creator in life.

For example with my Bipolar, I monitor my mood, thought and behaviour changes, by journaling, writing, blogging and sharing with others, staying open to feedback (which isn't always easy). What I look for is mood swings, anger and changes in sleep patterns, energy levels and sex drive, among others. Sometimes I have to give my self an AAK (that's not an AK47 type machine gun). It's an Attitude Adjustment Klap ("klap" is an afrikaans word for "slap")! 90% of our race in wellness is about our mental attitude and psychological fitness.


Tool #4. Sharing, Community & Connectivity

How well are you connected with others? Isolation tends to disconnect us from ourselves first and then from others. Yes, we all need times of retreat, reflection and meditation. These are essential to our growth. But take care not to hide away or disconnect.

As part of my wellness plan, I participate in support groups (live and online), develop friendships with those with my condition and have a personal mentor or coach. This keeps me mindful of the challenges I face having Bipolar, helps me stay vigilant and plugs me into a community where there is mutual helping. Today someone needs me. Tomorrow I need them.


Tool #5. Service, Caring & Gratitude

How are you contributing to the lives of others? To what extent do you freely share your talents, gifts, time and experience with others in need?

The gifts of service keep me alive, prevent self-pity and remind me there are millions with similar and more difficult life situations – I am not alone! And nor am I that different from others. Service also keeps me connected. First to myself and then to humanity.


My blogs and websites are ways I provide service and express my gratitude for all I have received. I have other blogs where I share and educate others about Bipolar and allow others into my life. Again this prevents isolation, a danger to my health and wellness. Serve in a support group (e.g. do the tea/coffee or library duty), a church or non-profit organisation. Get outside yourself!


Tool #6. Support System with Therapy

Do you have a community support system that enhances your growth and wellness?


I have mentioned the role of support groups in my life already. Get the therapy you need from a psychologist or social worker (or coach once any therapeutic issues have settled well enough).

Some psychiatrists are amazing therapists as well but tend to give less time and are very expensive. I had one who gave me a 45 minute session at a reduced rate, every two weeks during a high-risk period of mania. She was brilliant! Negotiate a wellness plan. You are worth it – as the saying goes.

Tool #7. Hope

Promise yourself to learn from every life-situation – death, divorce, abuse, betrayal, loss, calamity etc. Embrace the worst as a gift that can and will transform your life for the better, if you integrate reality into your life. You are not alone. There is always help for you – someone who cares. Plus you have many internal resources, your faith, courage, humour, life-skills and experience - to mention a few. Tap into these.

My darkest moments - like the deaths of two loved ones, divorce, abuse, betrayal, loss and calamity – once processed, have uncovered many life lessons, gifts and opportunities for personal transformation.

Be grateful for what you have and focus on the positives in life. "Count your blessings" - as they say. Daily!


Never ever give up! Ask for help. But never give up. You have many around you who need your love and who love you!

Stay connected.

Peter Winston Guess

SOURCE: Living with Bipolar site:

Deepak Chopra Visits Johannesburg, South Africa - Personal & Global Transformation

Posted by Peter Guess on April 20, 2008 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi EveryONE,

Yesterday was awesome. I heard Deepak Chopra live for the first time, after reading and being really inspired by several of his books. I could write so much here, but I rather want to extend the invitation to ACTION he made to 3000+ participants at the end of his talk: "Join our Alliance for a New Humanity". So, join me now, if you want to:

  • Make a Difference in the World
  • Be the Change (through personal transformation)
  • Share Your Passion (and connect with other change agents)

See the movie on the ANH site:
(opens a new browser window)

Go to to the home page at (opens a new browser window) and join the Alliance and get their free newsletter.

And if you join, let me know through my email or via my profile on the ANH site, so we can connect and expand a local alliance of people who believe that change is a vital part of life and that change begins "with me".

To our collective efforts to create a better world for ourselves and our children...
Peter Guess
Human Development Consulting

"Business, Life & Career Coaching to Accelerate Change"

One Simple Idea Acted On Can Change The World: PAY IT FORWARD - see update blog soon 24/3

Posted by Peter Guess on March 20, 2008 at 10:18 AM Comments comments (0)

 Watch the trailer of the movie "Paying it forward" for the key concept that began the "Paying It Forward Movement". Click this link

Promote Your Blog for FREE

Posted by Peter Guess on February 24, 2008 at 5:17 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi Bloggers,

Collin LaHay, the founder of WordHugger, has a great idea:

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RSS Hugger

RSS Hugger is his new site dedicated to doing exactly that.

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As a blog owner, you will benefit from

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  • This is just what I have done, so please join me.


    Peter Guess
    Human Development Coaching

    "Accelerating Change through Business, Life and Career Coaching"

    FREE Work At Home Plan: Internet Based Financial Independence in 10 Easy Steps (worth $97)

    Posted by Peter Guess on February 13, 2008 at 1:06 PM Comments comments (4)
    Dear Visitor,

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    The Power of Laughter Yoga with Comedian Actor John Cleese

    Posted by Peter Guess on January 24, 2008 at 3:19 PM Comments comments (1)