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Addiction Recovery Tools

This web page contains FREE tools provided for this website and the related Open Space Facebook group.

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At Open Space 4 Recovery, we share and develop practical recovery ideas, info and tools for helping ourselves and people in recovery, with addictions and mental disorders, their families, supporters and co-addicts (codependents). 

We use the shared experience, hope and courage of our members. This is in keeping with the Twelve Step thinking, which has blessed me and I advocate highly for any chronic or stubborn condition. FREE!

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the recovery coach and preventing relapse: Listen to the podcast 

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Tools on My Addiction Assessment and Intervention Services Site

I have two websites dedicated to Addiction Counselling, Recovery Coaching with videos, articles and tools.

1. Addiction Assessment and Intervention Services (AAIS)

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Contents of my AAIS website

    • Assessment, Intervention and Hope
    • Free Addiction screening test
    • Relapse Prevention
    • The Role of the Recovery Coach
    • The ABC of Recovery
    • Addiction Recovery Blog
    • Addiction Resources (FREE documents, reports and templates)

2. Addiction Online Lifeline

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The Family Recovery Contract 

I use this tool, as a worksheet and template, in discussion with the family, employer and other "significant others", affected by the addict's behaviour both past, current and future. This tool is based on the Intervention approach developed by Vernon Johnson in the 60's (The Johnson Institute in the USA), my recent study of the book "It's Not Ok To Be A Cannibal." by Andrew T. Wainwright and Robert Poznanovich and my personal experience in treatment and intervention work. This tool has three different applications:

1. Before treatment as a family intervention (planning) process
2. During treatment, to contract very clearly with the addict and his/her family, with specific reference to what happens if:
a) the addict terminates treatment (e.g. refusing hospital treatment, runs away);
b) the treatment facility terminates treatment (e.g. due to non-compliance);
c) the addict relapses (e.g. how many warnings given, based on what behaviour - drugging, fraternising);
d) the addict is discharged having completed treatment (e.g. relapse, court order, further treatment, banned from home if meets certain conditions). The contract also helps the family members consider what recovery and boundaries they need.
        3. After treatment. What expectations the family and others have of the addict and vice versa. And the commitments the addict will make to recovery, as part of a relapse prevention plan and recovery plan. In the event of a relapse or poor progress and if there is no prior contract, this tool helps the family re-assess the situation and decide on action with or without the presence of the addict.

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