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You are invited to view 3 different Coach Training packages towards Coach Certification. The Basic Package is a Self-Study starter manual "Coaching The Coach" of 6 modules (ebooks) with the "Coaching Authority Toolkit". The other two are Distance Learning programmes with the Basic Package included, 6 Learner Guides, Online Membership Site of over 50 Resourceand 6 Test Quizzes. Life Coach Certification from the USA is also available, and linked to the Certification Life Coaching packages.

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How Can Transformation Coaching Help Me?

Let me start off by asking a few questions to see how you will benefit from Coaching and to help you understand Life Coaching.

* Are you stuck in a rut and need some direction?
* Are you battling to break free from some habits in your mind or behaviour such as an addiction or life-patterns that hold you back from reaching your dreams - even though you have had therapy or been to a treatment programme or REHAB centre? 
* Do you need motivation and support to help you keep on track?
* Do you need an accountability partner to help you keep focus?
Are there recurring patterns of feeling, thinking and acting that you want to understand and change?
* Have you completed a treatment programme in a REHAB and you need a Recovery Coach to consolidate your recovery and support your recovery? Remember early recovery is viewed as the FIRST 2 years, with solid clean and sober time.

* Do you want to Become A Life Coach to master yourself further and serve others? And you need training and a mentor?

If you answered 'Yes" to any of these questions, you have come to the right place! Please read on and look around this site.

I'm an experienced Counsellor with over 30 years experiences. I'm qualified as a Social Worker providing therapeutic interventions, Life Coaching, Addiction Counselling and Recovery Coaching. I specialise iRecovery from Addictions and Recovery from Mental Illness (e.g. Depression, Bipolar Mood Disorder). I also provide other consulting services, some of which are mentioned on this website. Please explore what I offer and contact me if you want to try out a FREE 45 minute consultation (details below).

Sessions can be via the Internet (video call, audio call or chat session), Telecall (mobile to mobile or mobile to computer) or using the various options. I also provide Face-to-Face coaching in Cape Town, South Africa. Click the LinkedIn icon below for my profile (resume). 

If you or a loved one needs help in "Living with Bipolar and Depression" click this link to go to my website for FREE ebooks, tools and info.

Contact me using the tab to the right in the sidebar (via Skype, Email or Mobilefor your sample coaching session. I have offices in Claremont and Lakeside, Cape Town - click here for map and directions. You can as access my LinkedIn profile and other online resources, including podcasts, below. Please join me on my Facebook Page "Be Your Own Life Coach".

To Your Wellness,

Peter Winston Guess | B.Soc.Sc.(SW)

Addiction Counsellor | Recovery Coach | Life Coach 

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Where Do I Start With The Life Coaching Process?

Many coaching clients prefer to do some preparation before going to a coach or before they decide to enter a coaching relationship. You can get more clarity, by doing the following:

  • Simply write down 3 to 5 goals you would like to achieve with the support of a coach
  • This will jump start you on a journey of self-discovery and prepare you for the coaching relationship
  • Then Contact Me using the tab to the right and send me a request for a face-to-face session or other online systems like a Skype call. Included details on your city and country (to determine time-zone differences).
  • If you have a sense of URGENCY, then just go to the Contact tab right now and log a request.
  • e-Coaching: I use "Skype" via Video Call (Webcam), Audio Call or as a chat system. Skype is fun and FREE. (Recommended choice for Computer-2-Computer Internet calls)

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